Booth Rentals
Events and Venues Dates Booth Types Rentals
The 17th CAEXPO(NICEC) September 18-21
  • Standard Booth (3m×3m)
  • Non-standard Booth (3m×2m)
  • Indoor Raw Space (≥36)
  • Outdoor Raw Space (≥36)
  • USD 1,600/booth, or RMB 10,000/booth
  • USD 1,280/booth, or RMB 8,000/booth
  • USD 160/, or RMB 1,000 /
  • USD 80/, or RMB 500/
The 17th CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition (Guangxi Convention & Exhibition Center for Agriculture)
The 17th CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition (Nanning China South City)
September 18-21
  • Standard Booth (3m×3m)
  • Raw Space (≥36)
  • USD 800/booth, or RMB 5,000/booth
  • USD 80/, or RMB 500/
The 17th CAEXPO Animation, Cartoon & Games Exhibition (NICEC) TBC
  • Standard Booth (3m×3m)
  • Indoor Raw Space (≥36)
  • USD 1,100/booth, or RMB 7,000/booth
  • USD 120/, or RMB 750/
CAEXPO Laos Exhibition 2020(LAO-ITECC) December 17-19
  • Standard Booth (3m×3m)
  • Indoor Raw Space (≥36)
  • RMB 15,000/booth
  • RMB 1,500/
The 17th CAEXPO Finance Exhibition (NICEC) TBC
  • Standard Booth (3m×3m)
  • Indoor Raw Space (≥36)
  • USD1,100/booth, or RMB7,000/booth
  • USD120/, or RMB750/
CAEXPO Tourism Exhibition 2020 (GICEC) October
  • For more details, please visit the official website
World Rice Noodle Expo 2020 (NICEC) November
  • Standard Booth(3m×3m)
  • Indoor Raw Space (≥36)
  • USD 950-1,000/booth, or RMB 6,500-7,000/booth
  • USD 950/, or RMB 650/
CAEXPO Forest & Wood Products Exhibition 2020 (NICEC) November
  • Standard Booth (3m×3m)
  • indoor Raw Space (≥36)
  • USD1,100/booth, or RMB7,000/booth
  • USD120/, or RMB750/
CAEXPO Myanmar Exhibition 2020 November 24-26
  • Standard Booth(3m×3m)
  • Indoor Raw Space (≥36)
  • RMB 24,800/
  • RMB 2,500/

1. A standard booth is equipped with one fascia board with both Chinese and English name of the company, white laminated walls, information counter × 1no., folding chairs × 2nos, short spotlights ×2nos, 500W single phase socket × 1no., waste paper basket × 1no.and carpeting;

2. No equipment is provided for raw space;

3. Maps are NOT recommended for booth decoration. In case of necessity, please use those approved by China National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation. Relevant booth decoration plan (including but not limited to the maps) shall be submitted to CAEXPO Secretariat for review and approval at least one month before the CAEXPO opens.


  • September 18-21,
    September 21 is the Public Open Day.

Exhibition Arrangement

  • Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)
  • Exhibition Space: 104,000 m2
  • Address: No.106, Minzu Avenue
  • Guangxi Convention & Exhibition Center for Agriculture (for the 17th CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition )
  • Exhibition Area: 20,000 m2, Halls C1 and C3
  • Address: No.88, Changhong Road
  • Featured Exhibits: green agro-based products and foodstuffs, fishery products, tea, ASEAN coffee and foodstuffs, e-commerce in agriculture.
  • 3. Nanning China South City Halls A & B (for the 17th CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition)
  • Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2, Halls A and B
  • Address: No.56, Shajing Avenue
  • Featured Exhibits: consumer goods, arts and crafts, toys, leisure and sporting products.

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