CAEXPO Pavilions of Commodity Trade Featured Exhibits
I. ASEAN Pavilions (Hall 4-6, 10-14, Zone D, NICEC)

Food & Beverages

  • Food: snack food, halal food, health care food, frozen/cold food, seasonings
  • Beverage: coffee, tea, wines, spirits & alcohol

Consumer Goods

  • Furniture: wood furniture, semi-finished furniture, components & parts
  • Household Products: consumer goods like detergents, body wash & care products, general household products and home decoration
  • Arts & Crafts and Gifts & Premiums: wood handicrafts, arts, gifts, premiums
  • Jewelry & Jades: jades, precious stones, jewelry, accessories

Bulky Commodities

  • Rice, rubber, palm oil and other raw materials (image display)


  • Tourism, education, science & technology, finance, investment, advisory and consulting service
II. Belt & Road and International Pavilion (Hall 1, Zone B; Hall 15, Zone D, NICEC)

Food stuffs

  • Snacks, health care food, seasonings

Consumer Goods

  • Wood furniture, wood handicrafts
  • Home supplies: consumer goods, home decorations, children baby maternity products, Handicrafts, arts & crafts, gifts, premiums, Cosmetics


  • Culture, tourism, science & technology, investment, advisory and consulting service
III. Chinese Electronics & Electrical Appliances (Hall 8-9, Zone D, NICEC)
  • Telecommunications Equipment & Intelligence System: robot, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), 3D printing technology, VR/AR equipment, intelligence software, big data equipment and service for meteorology,smart security equipment, e-commerce platforms
  • Smart Household Appliances & Consumer Electronics: energy saving appliances, smart electronics
IV. Chinese Food Processing & Packaging Machinery (Hall 7, Zone D, NICEC)
  • Processing Machinery: processing equipment of aquatic products,beverage, meat, rice & noodle, dairy products, tea leaves, vegetable & fruit
  • Packaging Machinery: packaging equipment, sealing / wrapping / labeling / coding equipment
  • General Machinery: drying, sterilizing, crushing, homogenizing, refrigerating, mixing equipment
  • Large Commercial Kitchen Equipment: deep-frying machines, ice cream machines, coffee machines, cooking vehicle, juice blenders
V. Chinese Building Materials (Hall 2, Zone D, NICEC)
  • Doors, Windows & Curtain Wall: energy-saving doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors/windows, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum composite panels, aluminum ceilings, light partition walls
  • Indoor Decorative/ornamental Materials: stone floorings and walls, kitchen and bathroom wares, ceramics, environmental coatings
VI. Chinese Smart Energy&Electric Power Equipment (Zone E, NICEC)
  • Power Generating Equipment: solar/wind/water/nuclear energy power generating equipment
  • Power Transmission/Distribution/Transformation Equipment: power substation, transformers, stabilizers, capacitors, mutual inductors, wires and cables and relevant instruments
  • Complete Equipment & Electrical Components: power generation and control equipment, electric control equipment, automatic equipment, electricians’ equipment, electric components, fittings and parts of electrical appliances
  • New Energy-driven Technology & Application: solar /wind /biomass energy, energy-saving and emission-cutting technologies & applications, LED energy-saving lighting fixtures
VII. Chinese Engineering Machinery & Vehicles (outdoor space, NICEC)
  • Engineering Machinery: digging machines, road machinery, blending/mixing machine, loading machine, forklift truck, hoisting machine, parts/accessories, service providers
  • Vehicles: engineering vehicles, pick-ups, vans, passenger vehicles,semitrailer tractor, parking facilities
  • Port/Harbor Logistics Machinery: warehousing machinery & equipment, sorting machinery, hoists, conveyor system (smart transmission equipment)


  • September 18-21,
    September 21 is the Public Open Day.

Exhibition Arrangement

  • Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)
  • Exhibition Space: 104,000 m2
  • Address: No.106, Minzu Avenue
  • Guangxi Convention & Exhibition Center for Agriculture (for the 17th CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition )
  • Exhibition Area: 20,000 m2, Halls C1 and C3
  • Address: No.88, Changhong Road
  • Featured Exhibits: green agro-based products and foodstuffs, fishery products, tea, ASEAN coffee and foodstuffs, e-commerce in agriculture.
  • 3. Nanning China South City Halls A & B (for the 17th CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition)
  • Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2, Halls A and B
  • Address: No.56, Shajing Avenue
  • Featured Exhibits: consumer goods, arts and crafts, toys, leisure and sporting products.

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